About Us


Blank Firing Adapter:

An early project of Engineered Precision, Inc. We furnished to the Army, 500 units of this training device. The device simulates the shell of an “Engineer’s Gun”. It actually fires a 60mm grenade. This allows the army to train its soldiers at a lower cost. The GIs get the feel of loading the big shell in the gun, but the cost to fire in training on the range, is limited to the cost of the grenade.

There are some 20 castings in the assembly as well as many machined and purchased components. We built all the molds, procured the castings, and shipped completed assemblies.

The assemblies were all subject to Government source inspection by DCAS.

Traveling Wave Tube Housings:

We are the primary supplier of cast and machined housing components for this and similar product lines. Our original customer was Hughes Aircraft Company. The division was later sold to Boeing, and then subsequently to L3 Communications.

We have always aided in the design and development of the castings, due to our close relationship with the division. We have been supplying these components to the division since 1981.

Control Valve:

We have been involved in the manufacture of molds, as well as the machining work on many types of control components for the valve industry, including this series of water control valves.

Architectural Hardware:

We have manufactured premium door hardware from cast components. These may be found in some of the finest buildings in the world

Laser Designator Lens Cell:

We machined the main lens cell of this device for 3 different optical houses. The government sourced this job to the 3 shops to insure integrity of their supply. Each of the 3 eventually came to us for the machining of this ultra-precision job.

We used many innovative techniques on this job, including machining the part, while not clamped, but simply “potted” in epoxy while located on tool points.

Cast Duct:

We manufactured a set of tooling to produce these parts.

This was a set of investment casting tools, to produce wax patterns. 2 sets of mold were produced, one for the actual pattern, and one for the core. The core is injected using a water or acid soluble filled wax. The actual pattern wax is then injected around the soluble core. The pattern assembly is then placed in an acid bath which removes the “soluble” core.

The pictures in sequence show the roughing out of the mold, the loading of a “soluble core” into the finished mold, the resultant wax pattern injected around the soluble core, and finally, the pattern with the core leached out.

Personal Watercraft Engine:

We production machined all the cast engine components of a 3 cylinder, 2 cycle engine for an innovative Personal Watercraft.
The engine blocks and bearing surfaces were no problem using our 50 taper Mazak HMC.

Jet Engine Pylon:

This precision part uses projected inspection points in space. The process involves extensive in-process probing. The part is rough machined, inspected, placed back in the machine, rough machining probed again, and corrections applied. The finish part is subject to full probing and reporting of all critical dimensions for each part.

Aircraft Control Pedal Components:

This family of parts requires 5-axis indexing due to the alignment of the bearing holes and clevis. There is extensive processing for these highly visible parts.